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In this world of appearances where one's presentation mirrors one's personality it has become not only important
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One of our goals is to make the world smell good and even more make you feel good about yourself.
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We here at Sweet Amenity know how important it is to pick the right perfume, and how difficult it can be to find confidence that the delightful little Nautica number is going to smell as good on you as it did spritzed in the air at the boutique. All too often we get the fragrance that was absolutely lovely, or because Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing it last week, and find out that due to the chemistry involved, what smelled like lilies and roses on her, smells like skunk-cabbage and day old wine on us.

It's rarely a situation where it's that disastrous, but it pays to learn a little about the science of perfume, so that the next time you see Beyonce advertising her latest fragrance or Ralph Lauren speaking about his, you'll be armed with some clues to tell you whether it's going to be for you. Thankfully a lot of this information is online, and some of the keynote fragrances that a perfume may have are well documented there as well. Let's start with some basic terminology, starting with the "Eau De's".

Eau de colognes are a mixture of water and alcohol with about 3% to 5% fragrance oil. Chaps by Ralph Lauren is a good example of a Eau de cologne. When describing an Eau de cologne, the phrase "refreshing" is often involved, and there is nothing overpowering about this subtle cologne. Next is the Eau de toilette.  Eau de toilettes are composed of 4% to 8% fragrance oil. The scent may be a little stronger than the Eau de cologne, but it still tends to be light and not overwhelming. Citrus and flora scents are common in toilettes. 360 by Perry Ellis is a good example of an Eau de toilette. Last of the Eau de's is the "Eau de parfum", Lady Million by Paco Rabanne is a great example of an Eau de parfum. This fragrance is significantly stronger than the other Eau's mentioned previously. The Eau de parfum has a mixture of 15% to 18% fragrance oil and is carried with an alcohol base. Due to the high percentage of scent in these, they are always the most expensive.

These are just a few pieces of basic information you can use when researching the right perfume or cologne for you. Some people respond well to a slight, subtle fragrance as offered by Eau de colognes, while others chemistry is able to handle the far more potent presence of an Eau de parfum. We offer the Eau de toilettes at Sweet Amenity.


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